Looking for someone trustworthy, with vast knowledge and experience in exterior basement waterproofing? Look for the best contractor locally. Local contractors offer the following benefits over larger, out of town contractors:

Knowledge of the Area

When it comes to exterior basement waterproofing, only a contractor with the best knowledge of the area will be able to find solutions tailored to the specific local problems. A local contractor will also have the right permits and licensing requirements unique to the area. Larger contractors work in several states, and will therefore take time to understand the area, leading to more damage and seepage.


Reputation is one of the most important elements most people consider when searching for a contractor in any service industry. A local contractor will have a local reputation. The fact that they are well known locally makes it easy to gauge their ability to deliver quality. Read our testimonials to learns what others are saying about us!


When the contractor is local, they will be available throughout the length of the contract. Out of state contractors will only be useful when they are on-site. A local contractor will be available to answer questions one might have in a timely manner. Working with an out of town contractors results in issues like miscommunication or communication delays. If they have to travel, then one might have to cater for the additional travel fees. The possibility for close interaction means the homeowner will have the undivided attention of the contractor throughout the job.

After the Job

Exterior basement waterproofing jobs do not always go according to plan. When this happens, one wants a contractor that is easy to get to for post-job consultation. This can turn into a huge hassle if the contractor is an out of town one. With a local contractor, if issues ever arise after the job is completed, then there will be someone available to address them. A reputable contractor will always be on hand to respond to such requests.


Contractors have their basic working tools, but sometime when the problem is discovered to be more complex, then one might need to source extra materials. Local contractors have connections in the area and know where to find the best materials in the area at the most affordable prices. Lower prices can then be reflected in discounts and lower project estimates.

The allure of a big name might be great, but perhaps it might be more prudent to go with the established local contractor like Wet Basement Resolutions!