Many people end up postponing those renovations or wet basement repair jobs because they do not think much of the basement. Technically speaking, the basement occupies enough space to be converted into another room in the home, much more useful than the simple storage space most people are accustomed to – that is why taking care of this living space is important.

Here are some of the more creative uses for that underrated basement space. The ideas vary from one house to the next, and depend on the nature of the basement itself.


Perhaps the most use one can put their basement to is to have it as an annex. This is a self-contained living space which is ideal for that teenager or older members of the family. Converting the space to a living area definitely makes the house more attractive when looking to resell the home.

The extra plumbing, electricity and wet basement repair might cost more, but think about it as an investment, even when the basement is not too spacious. Families can go further with the annex idea and make the basement into a full family room.

Games Rooms

Those that like the idea of having a little unwinding space in the house can turn the basement into a games room. The games room is perhaps the most common use of the basement, and has been for some decades now. When doing this, keep the wall and ceiling tones light, and have the lighting as uniform as possible.

Avoid having the basement looking dingy with one corner poorly lit.

Media Rooms

This is ideal for those basements that have such low ceilings that it is almost impossible to use them for much else. If one cannot enter or walk around the room without crouching, then the room can make a good mini-cinema or media room. For this conversion, apart from the typical wet basement repair and waterproofing, consider soundproofing the room, especially from above. Sound is likely to leak upstairs and be disruptive to the rest of the house.

Those who are into photography can also consider converting it into a dark room.

Utility Space

Apart from the normal storage, there are many other utility possibilities for the basement.

Think about it like this; any appliance installed in the basement frees up space in the kitchen. Install quality equipment, the same as would have been in other parts of the house and add plenty of lighting to make work easier and safer in the space. Contact Wet Basement Resolutions to ensure your basement is water-proofed when considering your renovation projects!