A wet basement is one of the most irritating problems one can ever encounter. It not only inconveniences the home owner, but can damage furniture and items stored in the basement that are not waterproof. Further, there is the problem of the structural integrity of the house being compromised, as well as the possibility of health problems for the inhabitants of the home. This makes leaky basement waterproofing an absolute must when the subtlest signs of leakage are discovered.

Houses are different though, and what works for one person might not necessarily work for the next, even if they are neighbors. The solution chosen should generally be fit for the specific parameters of the problem. Leaky basement waterproofing will only work long term if the homeowner avoids temporary stop gap solutions and deals with the root cause of the problem.

Internal and external solutions

There are generally two types of approaches one can take to solve the wet basement issue; exterior and interior. The interior leaky basement solutions are designed to make sure the water does not enter the room. Internal solutions are helpful and certainly a huge part of the leaky basement waterproofing process, but in most cases they are inadequate in the long run.

Focusing only on the interior waterproofing techniques is like treating symptoms but not the disease. A satisfactory waterproofing exercise for most experts involves the excavation of the exterior all the way down to the foundation and installing appropriate drainage systems. The walls are then treated such that there is no seepage. Internal solutions are helpful but they do not keep water out of the walls.

Comprehensive waterproofing should involve both internal and external solutions.

The Experts

Knowing all this, the next best thing should be hiring experts for the job. The internet is a helpful resource here, but very often there is no way of knowing who will provide true quality without prior experience. There is need for some due diligence when searching for the right experts.

If new in an area, ask around from neighbors and trusted friends where one can get the best basement waterproofing services. A helpful gauge of company quality of service could be how long they have been working in the area.

Any local company that has survived a few years will likely know the most common problems in the area, and most importantly will likely have provided enough quality to have a steady stream of customers over the years. Local companies or those with some local experience are the best bet for such a job.