Water damage refers to the impinging of water in your property which causes severe damage to goods incurring huge losses. It brings destruction to one’s property. Water seepage can damage your house and basement areas made of wood and steel, resulting in wood rot, mold and bacteria growth, and steel rust. 


This would cost a huge amount of money, and that’s why wet leaky basement must be taken seriously at early stages and fixed as soon as possible. One can contact the local foundation repairing services for fixing the water damage, and there can be no better choice than Wet Basement Resolutions. 


Before contacting the professionals, you can look out for several signs of water damage penetrating in your basement. Some of these have been listed below. 


Dark Or Wet Spots 


Noticeable dark or wet spots can be seen on the ceiling or in the corners of walls, while water can be seen dripping slowly from unusual places.


Cracking Or Bubbling Of Walls 


One can see cracked marks on the walls, which are typically caused due to the force of water or the water pressure. Also, bubbles or flakes can be visible on the walls because the water seeps through the paints, causing a bubbly appearance.


Dripping Of Water Forming Small Pools 


 Sometimes, you can see pools of water on the floor when the water is constantly dripping. Even after cleaning up the water, if the pool forms again, you should know that you have a stubborn leak to repair.


Sound Of Moving Water 


If you can hear the sound of moving water from your room, you should know that you have serious water damage and contact the foundation repairing services as soon as possible for wet basement solutions. The force of the water may even cause the wall to burst, resulting in severe damage to the property.


Hike In Water Bill 


Sometimes, the water damage may not be visible, but the effect can be seen directly in the water bill itself. There would be a remarkable hike in the water bill.


Rotting Of Furniture 


You can see that the color of your furniture is eventually changing. This is due to the wet leaky basement persuading rot on the wood. Moreover, rusting of steel can be visible in some cases too. 


Damp Or Moldy Smell All Over The House 


You may sometimes smell a damp or moldy smell around the house. The reason behind this can be the water damage causing rot on furniture and promoting the growth of molds.


How To Repair Water Damage?


You should contact a trusted local basement waterproofing solutions company, which can handle this hazard professionally. Generally, they have a team of trained professionals for this job who can identify the damage in your house and fix it right on the spot. 


Wet Basement Resolutions has been present in this field for years and serving its clients with foundation repair services and sheer satisfaction. So, hiring them can be your go-to option, as they are budget-friendly and trustworthy as well. 


Discuss the fees in advance, so there are no add ons later.




Wet leaky basement that causes water damage is serious problem that must be dealt with as soon as possible. If it is too late, then you might have to bear a huge expense. The growth of bacteria doesn’t only rot your possession but also causes various health hazards; it causes health loss along with financial loss. 


Hence, one must take water damage seriously before it becomes a serious issue. Talk to the expert professionals and book a free inspection to find out if there’s any water damage in your property.