If you are a proud homeowner chances are that you already have a long list of home improvements you want done, the list goes every year and each year to aim at ticking off at least one or more than one items off it. These are varied and will depend on how you prioritize your list into what suites you best and what can wait for another day. But as winter is here your list might just have a number of items which will get you through this cold and harsh weather without a scratch. Here are just some of the home improvements you can take up not only to benefit your home but also save money in the long run as well, now these aren’t the usual fix ups and keep in mind they aren’t sexy either – they are however very practical.

Tune-up you’re Heating System:

This is probably a good idea to start off with at the beginning of the cold weather and not so much in the middle of it all. During the winter season 30% of your home’s energy costs are related to its heating system and make no mistakes this number can spike higher if your heating system has inefficiencies. A good place to start is probably by replacing the filter at the start of the cold season. Remember a tune up is a good way to not only save on energy costs but also ensures that there are no carbon monoxide leaks and the air inside your home is safe and fresh to breathe.

Window Check:

This isn’t exactly a means to an end, windows aren’t built keeping the interior temperature of your home in focus. So it might be a good idea to have insulated glass in place which is double paned or even triple paned – in the long run this will properly insulate your home and save a bunch when considering energy costs.


This is simple enough to mention however insulating your home will require you looking in and out at each nook and cranny along the way. You might want to get a mold or even use foam instead, but before winter starts you will want to get in to each and every one of those cracks just to make sure there is no leakage and similarly to also prevent a draft or air passing through where it shouldn’t.