Do you need your foundations repaired or your basement waterproofed? Well the answer is obvious at times. If you witness a constant leak or your basement has water when it rains or snows then there might be a problem. You need to look into the matter almost immediately because a wet basement can cause vital structural damage to your house, can pose health risks for your family, can cost you a lot of money when you think about repairs or it can also cause the value of your property to fall significantly in case you are thinking about selling your house.

If you are wondering whether or not you need basement waterproofing, here are a few signs that can help you determine if you foundation/basement is in need of waterproofing.

Common Signs in Your Home that Indicate Water Leakage

Check for the ones that trouble you most or are a common occurrence in your house to solve the problem.

  • If your basement floods every time it rains heavily, there is a vital chance that your drains are not working as they’re supposed to and you need a good basement waterproofing system put in to prevent flooding next time it rains.
  • If there are unfinished concrete walls in your basement and you notice moisture sports, then these are a certain tell tale sign that there is a leak present which needs immediate fixing.
  • If you see mold and mildew growth in your basement, you should act upon it immediately and get the basement leak fixed because there is hardly any other cause that can actually be contributing to the growth of the fungi.
  • A nasty, typical smell that can be traced to the growth of mold and mildew is a tell tale sign that your basement has a leak and needs waterproofing done. Every time you will enter your basement you will come across a musty smell and it is imminent that excessive moisture has entered the area.
  • Dry rot is another sign of a leaky basement. This appears as a brown-black fungus growth on the walls, on other surfaces in the basement and also on clothing as well. Dry rot often grows on wooden surfaces. It is a byproduct of the decaying process so know it for certain that the leaky basement has started showing its work and you need to look into the matter immediately.
  • If you see your paneling becoming warped, you should be alert. Wood is porous and absorbs moisture and therefore where excessive moisture will exist, the wood paneling will become warped. If you find the source fast, you might be able to save your paneling but if you can’t you will certainly have to replace it.
  • If you witness white chalk like substance on your walls then also there is a chance that your basement has a leak somewhere. Excessive moisture causes the calcium in the concrete blocks to leech out. Pay attention to the source if you witness excessive of this white chalk like substance on your walls.