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Wet Basements Need Basement Waterproofing


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We don’t like to tell people what to do, but sometimes it has to be said… if you have a wet basement, then you need basement waterproofing! There is really no two ways about it. Wet patches in your basement can be a sign of leaks, while damp patches reveal spots where water has penetrated the walls or floors.

There are many reasons why you might find yourself living with a wet basement. Cracks in your walls and foundations can be the cause of leaks, and hydrostatic pressure from soil and water makes basements and crawl spaces especially vulnerable. They do, after all, lie below the waterline.

If left untreated, damp only tends to get worse, cracks and gaps will remain unfixed, and the structural integrity of your property can even become jeopardized over time in some cases. If damp becomes mold then you have another serious problem on your hands. Mold can be extremely harmful to breathe, and in any case makes a room very unpleasant.

In places where floods are a risk, you may need to consider extra drainage and pumps along with a solid waterproofing solution. You don’t have to live with a waterlogged basement, thanks to the ever-improving sump pump systems available.

Whether you use your basement as a bedroom, for storage, or even just as a crawl space, you should never settle for damp, mold, or leaks. Basement waterproofing can restore your home back to its former state of dryness and comfort.

Why Do You Need Basement Waterproofing?

Nobody should settle for a wet basement. There are many reasons why you should consider basement waterproofing, especially if you see the common signs of a problem, such as the smell or sight of damp or mold, obvious cracks or gaps, or leaks and indications of water.

  • Basement waterproofing will remove any water, mold and damp that is currently present.
  • Waterproofing lasts for a very long time. Exterior waterproofing offers a lifetime solutions, while interior solutions can also last for many years.
  • Solving your wet basement problem will restore the room to a livable healthy, and usable space.
  • Damp can cause structural damage to your home. Waterproofing will stop this from happening.
  • Adds value to your property.

What Basement Waterproofing Solutions Are Available?

There are many basement waterproofing solutions available, and it all depends on the specific problem that you are dealing with, the cause of the damp, and the severity of the situation.

For example, if you have a leak due to a crack in the wall, then some sealant might be all that is needed. More extreme damage to walls and foundations might require more work. In some cases you may opt for drainage solutions, or for interior waterproofing that protects the inside of your basement.

Exterior waterproofing provides the best protection for the foundations, and offers long lasting protection from hydrostatic pressure, and from the elements.

At Wet Basement Resolutions we offer the following basement waterproofing services:

  • Exterior waterproofing
  • Interior waterproofing
  • Drainage and sump pump installation
  • Foundation repair
  • Mold removal
  • Crawl space waterproofing
  • Air Ventilation

Call The Professionals If You Have A Wet Basement

There are many solutions available if you have a wet basement, and calling the professionals is nearly always the most effective course of action. They know how to analyze the problem, and find the root cause of the damp, as well as apply a solution that will remedy the situation in the long term.

At Wet Basement Resolutions we offer a free consultation, along with a free no obligation quotation on the work that would be required to make your basement dry again.

If you agree to the work then we will set about restoring your basement, and applying a waterproofing solution that will solve your problems for good. Our expert team of Red Seal licensed tradesmen work with the highest quality waterproofing available anywhere, and can compliment this treatment with other solutions as you need them.

Contact us today to find out more, or to arrange a free consultation.


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