Basements are to many, at best, a room to store items in the house that are they do not use every day but still have some value, sentimental or otherwise. It is a room to store old electronics, paperwork, artwork, clothes, shoes and photos. In real sense, the basement could be more than just that storage space, especially for a family that is growing. There are several ways through which one can transform their basement. All this, however, requires wet basement repair and having a basement that is free from the problem associated with leaking like humid air, mold growth and wetness.

This article explores some of the advantages of having a well maintained basement.

Home value– From an impersonal square footage point of view, the basement could account for another entire floor in the house. Most basements are between a third and half of the entire floor space of the home anyway, too much space to not take seriously. To have the basement free of mold growth, the musty smell and the bacteria that comes from seepage means increasing the space in the house and improving its overall value. Dealing with the mold problem once and for all protects the investment and guarantees the long term value of the home.

Energy savings – Dealing with some of these problems might result in an energy efficient house. Wet basement repair, for instance, prevents cold air from seeping into t house during the winter months. In the warmer months, seepage might cause excess humidity in the house, requiring the air conditioning system to work harder to have the room rid of warm air. Dealing with the seepage will therefore have a huge effect on the energy efficiency of the home.

Health risks -That water and humidity can cause toxic mold growth is common knowledge to many homeowners. However, toxic mold growth is a much bigger problem, and can happen in less than 48 hours, a scary thought especially for those that have been letting go of a mild seepage problem for years. Exposure to mold can cause serious health problems. For many, though, wet basement repair is simply a matter of peace of mind. It helps knowing that the wet basement waterproofing will get rid of many of the common problems one is likely to run into with seepage in their homes.

Whatever the reason, at the end of the day a basement that is well maintained and renovated is much better than one that smell musty and risks the health and structural integrity of the house.