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Foundation Repair Services


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foundation repair services

Foundation Repair Services

At Wet Basement Resolutions we provide an expert service for foundation repairs on your property. Foundation problems can cause long-term damage to your home, and only get worse over time. Recognizing your home might have a structural problem, and calling for professional help, can ensure that the problem is resolved efficiently, and will enhance the structural integrity of your home.

Why Might You Need Foundation Repair Services?

Basements are prone to all sorts of foundation issues. Cracks in your interior walls are a common early sign, as are exterior cracks. Leaks and damp can also cause foundation damage if they reoccur, and are left untreated. Pressure from soil can wear on your foundations over time. In any case, foundation repair is necessary to restore the integrity, safety, and value of your home, and to stop any further damage.

Many properties experience some sort of foundation problems at some time, and it is important to know the severity, and to apply a professional treatment that results in a permanent solution. At Wet Basements Resolutions we can assess the issue, and use only the highest grade materials and expert workforce to complete the job.

What Are Foundation Repair Services?

We are experts in dealing with all kinds of basement damp and mold problems. Over the 40 years that we have been dealing with these issues, we have encountered many examples of basements that were structural damaged as a result of the same factors that cause damp. Treating the cause of the damp has always been our aim, but it is also crucial to treat any damage done.

Foundations can be damaged in many different ways. Whether you have cracks in the basements floor, cracks in the walls, slopes, gaps, bulges, or bowing walls, we are here to help.

Foundation Repair Services Methods

At Wet Basement Resolutions we only work with high-grade materials, and proven methods that repair your foundations, and restore the structural integrity of your home.

We offer a full range of foundation repair services in Ontario, depending on what is damaged, and what is required to fix it. We can:

  • Repair foundation cracks
  • Repair basement walls
  • Stabilize foundations
  • Repair eroded, bowed, or unstable walls
  • Foundation underpinning
  • Install foundation guard
  • Remove any and all damp and mold problems
  • Repair footers, chimney, and slab floors
  • Anything that is required to repair your foundations…

How Do Our Foundation Repair Services Work?

Our foundation repair services ensure your home is restored structurally, and not just aesthetically. We can identify and repair your foundations at an early stage, and prevent long-term damage that is much more troublesome.

Our free consultation allows us to assess and discuss the problem with you, and offer you a no-obligation quote regarding the appropriate solution.

Once we have decided upon the appropriate course of action, our highly experienced team of Red Seal licensed tradesmen will begin work, and will ensure your foundations are repaired effectively, efficiently, and with minimal disruption to your life.

Advantages Of Foundation Repair Services

Left untreated, foundation repairs can make your living situation worse, and you risk a slippery slope when it comes to the structural integrity of your home. There are many advantages of having foundation repairs conducted, sooner rather than later:

  • Avoid more damage to basement walls and ceilings
  • Stop mold and damp permanently
  • Restore structural integrity of your home, making for a more pleasant and safe place to live.
  • Increase value of your property

Why Choose Wet Basement Resolutions For Your Foundation Repair In Ontario?

Foundation repair can be light work, or it can be heavy, but either way it is usually very technical, and requires the greatest of care and expertise to ensure a job well done. Calling in the professionals is a wise choice!

At Wet Basement Resolutions we have over 40 years experience dealing with basement damp, and with foundation problems. Our team are highly advanced tradesmen who make your life easy, and your home safe and clean. We meet all building regulations, and offer a 10-year warranty on all the work that we do.

Wet Basement Resolutions are Ontario’s finest when it comes to foundation repair. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation.

You can rest assured when Wet Basement Resolutions waterproofs your home. We offer the best warranty in the industry. We promise that your basement, crawl space or cold room will stay dry for life. We even offer a 10-year fully transferable written warranty. We think you will agree this is not your standard warranty.

  • 10-year guaranteed warranty: our warranty allows you to have peace of mind and know that your basement or crawl space will keep dry permanently!
  • Quality products that meet Canadian building code: Not only are our parts and products specifically designed for Canadian homes but are also of the highest quality