interior basement drainage systems

Interior Basement Drainage Systems

Maintaining a cellar and keeping it healthy and dry, along with mold and mildew free is a task that many homeowners overlook, and it’s something basement drainage systems can solve easily. A wet basement can harbor mold and mildew that live, thrive and spread in locations that are left moist in your cellar, crawl space, or basement. Fungi can cause respiratory problems, allergies, and other disorders in pets and humans. There is also the fact that a moist basement can also become a nice home to pests and insects like termites.

Another drawback of a basement is that it can impact the foundation of a home. This can happen to houses constructed below and above ground level. It’s advisable to put in a basement waterproofing system before any expensive and unhealthy effects take place.

The long-lasting and most effective solution to a basement is to set up an interior drainage system. Contrary to an exterior drainage system, basement drainage within a home will not harm the outdoor space or lawn of the home. Plus basement systems are much more cost effective than exterior basement waterproofing systems, since home excavation is not required by them, and may be installed in a couple of days.

Interior Basement Waterproofing

A basement waterproofing contractor that is certified, may install an interior basement drainage system across any leaking or wet walls of a cellar, and along crawl space or a basement perimeter. Once installed, the system pumps it outside, away from the home and stops the collection of water where it can damage your home.

Some cellar drainage systems are better than others, as it is with most products. Among the best systems on the market is known as the Foundation Guard. What sets this system apart is its amazing ability to protect a home’s foundation as an interior basement waterproofing solution.

Another basement drainage system is known as the Monolithic Floor Drain. It’s installed along the interior perimeter of the basement. It’s fantastic for homes with a monolithic base (one where the ground and footing were poured as one bit during construction), or carpeting with radiant heat. What sets the Monolithic Floor Drain apart from all of the rest is that it can be set up without jackhammering a drain station. And like the Foundation Guard drainage system, debris wills not collect as a moisture container against your basement walls.

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