sump pump installation

Sump Pump Installation

A sump pump is one of the most easy and effective ways to keep your basement dry, and protect it against floods in the case of high water retention. At Wet Basement Resolutions we install high grade sump pumps accurately and effectively, so that the water is controlled to the maximum, and never causes a problem in your basement.

Why You Might You Need Sump Pump Installation

Sump pumps are a specialized bit of kit that prevent floods and water damage in a house that is prone to problems. You would probably never get a sump pump if your house does not experience these problems, but if you need one then they offer a vital solution to the problem, and pump the water outside.

What Is Sump Pump Installation?

Pump sump installation is a service that we provide that prevents floods, and helps to keep basements that are prone to severe damp problems dry. A top quality sump pump is installed, along with a sump pit, and drainage system, which collects the water ready to be pumped outside. The concept is pretty simple, but the work demands a technical approach and professional equipment in order for it to be effective.

sump pump installation diagramAt Wet Basement Resolutions, we will install the best sump pump available, and ensure that you never have to suffer from flooding in your basement again.

Sump Pump Installation Method

Installing a pump sump requires a sump pit, which protects the pump from debris and mud. The pump sits either below the ground, or around ground level. We position them at the lowest spot on your basement floor, so that the water naturally channels that way. We also construct a drainage system that channels that water towards the pump.

When installing a sump pump, it is important to use a submersible pump, air tight lid, catch basin (liner), and check valve. Each component is as crucial as the next. A submersible pump is important because it allows for the installation of an air tight lid; the sump pump should not be put on the liner floor, it should be raised using a brick or small block as this keeps the pump off the liner floor and keeps the sump pump from sucking in dirt and increases the longevity of the pump

sump pump with air tight lid

We install the pump, and make it airtight, and then integrate it into your basement. We can offer the sump pump installation as an individual treatment, or in combination with other basement waterproofing services.

An air tight lid is important because it keeps the stagnant water sitting in the liner to not be exposed to the air. Without a lid, the stagnant water will create moisture in the basement eventually allowing mold to grow, as well as creating moisture in the wood and over time rotting it out. A catch basin or liner is important because it holds the water and creates a barrier between the concrete. A air tight lid cannot be installed without the liner.

A water catch basin or liner is important because it holds the water and creates a barrier between the concrete. A air tight lid can not be installed without the liner. Checking the discharge line is important because it prevents back flow. Water that is discharged will be blocked from re-entering the liner and this will keep your sump pump only working when it has to, extending the longevity of the mechanical parts of the sump pump.

How Do Our Sump Pump Installations Work?

Sump pumps are mostly useful for people who’s homes are often subject to floods or other extreme water damage especially when you need to water proof your home. We can offer a free consultation to asses whether you would benefit from a sump pump installation, and then provide you with a no obligation quotation for the work.

If you agree, then we will go to work installing your sump pump, and liberating you from the frustrations of floods and water damage. All of our work is conducted by highly trained Red Seal tradesmen, and is finished to perfection.

sump pump catch basin with liner and check valve

You can rest assured when Wet Basement Resolutions waterproofs your home. We offer the best warranty in the industry. We promise that your basement, crawl space or cold room will stay dry for life. We even offer a 10 year fully transferable written warranty. We think you will agree this is not your standard warranty.

  • 10 year guaranteed warranty: our warranty allows you to have peace of mind and know that your basement or crawl space will keep dry permanently!
  • Quality products that meet Canadian building code: Not only are our parts and products specifically designed for Canadian homes but are also of the highest quality

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