Avoid Damage With Crawl Space Maintenance

Avoid Damage With Crawl Space Maintenance Before And After

Crawl spaces could be costing you thousands of dollars each year and are an essential part of many homes. Your house works as a system, and that system plays a dramatic and important function that has the propensity to affect the whole structure of your home. If the steps are not taken to protect it, your crawl space could begin to develop mold or rot. Rotting or mold in a crawl space cause foul odors and these elements could cause your house to experience structural weakening or problems, and affect those suffering from breathing problems and asthma.

Crawl Space Moisture Sources

A majority of homeowners overlook maintenance and proper installation and repair of doors, windows, and vents as a possible source of moisture. You can help prevent humidity, moisture, and air from entering your crawl space by properly sealing off all windows, vents, and doors.

Structural weakening should be a concern to each homeowner. To protect your home from weakening it is advised to schedule routine examinations. A vast majority of houses that have problems or structural weakening reveal signs of uneven or warped floors and noticeable cracks on the walls, usually on drywall or sheetrock, and damaged or rotted floor beams and floor joists. Weakening is caused by wetness, dampness, and moisture in your cellar. Sagging, uneven or warped floors are a common problem and caused by moisture in your crawl space. It’s best to resolve the problem before it gets significant if this occurs. It is more expensive to replace a whole foundation than to make minor repairs before it becomes a huge problem.

Foul Smells, Odors, and Mold in Crawl Spaces

Basements and crawl spaces are typically dark, damp, cold, occupied by odors that are foul and putrid smells, and mold that is hazardous can develop. A vast majority of the time foul odors or bad smells coming out is a sign your home has a problem with mold in the crawl space.

Numerous kinds of mold can quickly invade your home. The very best way to rid your crawl space bad smells and odors are hollowed wood, perform regular inspections by looking for sources of dry rot and regularly washing by using environmentally safe products.

Avoid Damage With Crawl Space Maintenance

It’s ideal to find an expert that has a way of protecting your home from the elements that can take a toll on your health and your home, with the most and very best products for long lasting crawl space solutions.


The best way to avoid damage with crawl space maintenance is to contact a crawl space contractor. A crawl space contractor will complete an on-site inspection, provide a professional free crawl space consultation. They also recommend the best and most cost efficient method to avoid damage with crawl space maintenance, discuss your options and give you plenty of time to make the best decision.