Crawl Space Ventilation

Crawl space ventilation was the idea behind the cellar and basement building method, which was considered to work like this, cellar air would be replaced with clean outside air in a ventilation procedure. However, in reality, this theory didn’t work. Air moves upwards in the home. Air coming through vents is drawn out of the basement and sucked into the home’s top floors. The method that was intended to solve the moisture problems in Ontario homes, contributed to worsening the humidity and moisture situation in basements in addition to the rest of the home. Installation increased wood rot, mould, poor air quality, musty odors and pests in homes. Crawl space ventilation also contributed to greater energy bills.

Crawl Space Solutions

New building science proved that ventilation is an ineffective solution for crawl space moisture issues, science provided the perfect solution that has been working well in homes. Space encapsulation is a solution to moisture problems for homeowners. Encapsulation seals the floor and walls with a sturdy polyethylene vapor barrier liner. In addition, vent covers seal out air. Cracks, holes and openings are sealed tightly. So there’s no ventilation in the basement area, and you get a wet basement solution that works.

Encapsulation is a solution to crawl space moisture problems. In situations of high humidity, however, occasionally, there may be a need for basement conditioning. Dehumidifying the crawl space with an energy efficient dehumidifier is a good choice. Another choice for decreasing humidity in the cellar would be to use a conditioning device to receive conditioned air from the home down into the cellar area. Professional crawl space builders will work to make sure the encapsulation solution is perfect for the specific crawl space moisture issues that your home has.

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