Basement foundation repair is necessary sometimes for the prevention of leaking water, leading to a wet or flooded basement. Tar or another type of sealant was likely used for waterproofing the basement when your home was built, lasting a lifetime in many cases.

However, often times that is not the case. The moisture barrier for your basement may degrade after several years of exposure to wet, soggy soil allowing water to seep through and damaging the basement foundation. Repair of the basement foundation needs to be completed immediately if this happens.

Dangers of Mould Growth

Have you noticed leaks, dampness on occasion, or pools of water on your basement floor? If so, your home is likely in need of basement foundation repair. Water leaking into a home’s basement can lead to serious problems. A damp basement gives mould spores an environment where it can thrive. Mold will damage and destroy personal belongings and can lead a home’s structural damage. Worse, the mold is a serious health hazard. Problems with allergies, asthma, along with other respiratory issues can occur from breathing in mold contaminated air. When a homeowner delays having foundation repair done with basement leaks, these problems only worsen.

Costly Water Damage

Many homeowners see a leaky basement as a minor issue, when in fact, delaying repairs can cost homeowners thousands of dollars. Effects from this dampness and pooling of water can cause extensive water damage. Due to water damage, a homeowner may need expensive repairs, including both structural and cosmetic components for their home. Drywall may break and crumble, pipes and metal fixtures can rust, and wood components may swell and warp from water damage. Personal belongings become destroyed, leading to the need of this item disposal.

Basement Foundation Repair Is Crucial

Basement foundation repair is one of the most important things done to a home. To ensure this job is done correctly, many homeowners hire professionals. Every hole, crack, or other place allowing entrance of water needs to be fixed or a home can be quickly destroyed. Experienced technicians have the experience and knowledge on repairing foundations, ensuring all leaks are repaired and the basement is properly waterproofed. Any mould growth in the basement is removed, preventing both structural and health problems from occurring.

If you have a leaky basement, there is no time to delay in repairing the foundation.

Longer the wait, more it costs due to further damage that occurs. Repairing of a basement foundation not only stops water damage, it is one of the biggest investments made to your home.


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