Do not permit a leaky basement to destroy your house. Use the following solutions for leaky basements to see a leak and fix it, and keep the basement dry.

Solutions for Leaky Basements: Determine the Leak’s Origin

There are numerous ways that water may make its way inside your house, and cause a leaky basement. To solve this problem, you first must find the leak’s origin.

If the basement has windows, look at the seal that surrounds the window frame to make certain there aren’t any holes, cracks, or rotting wood sections. If there are, think about replacing the whole frame.

Patch all of the cracks inside the basement walls using a sealant and look at the floor for any additional cracks which might be producing water seepage. If the foundation severely is cracked, talk to a skilled contractor to fix the damage.

After checking out the inside of the basement, it’s important that you check the outside of your house for any potential sources of water which might be producing the basement leak. Assess downspouts and make certain they’re pointing away from your foundation to avoid seepage inside the foundation.

It also is critical that you clear gutters of debris which might be causing improper water runoff.

If you’ve exhausted all potential water leakage sources and still are experiencing issues inside the basement, you might want to think about calling an expert leak repair service.

Exterior Waterproofing: Your Best Bet

You may just waterproof your inside walls, which might resolve the issue. Or you may waterproof your outside walls, which is your better bet — yet more expensive.

The best way to waterproof the basement walls includes a full scale exterior waterproof solution. It also is the priciest.
Exterior waterproofing will involve excavating all around your home to the full extent of the foundation walls, and installing a membrane topped by drainage panels or waterproof coating.

These panels offer a simple route for water to flow down to the outside French drain at the lower part of the foundation(After you have made the French drain system, you are prepared to build. You might perform the work on your own or employ an expert landscape contractor to perform the task).

From there, water will flow by gravity — or using the help of a sump pump — that is away from the foundation to one other area of your property, or inside a storm drain.

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