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Internal vs External Waterproofing for a Dry Basement


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Not only home, but the state of home is also essential. Keeping the financial investments aside, it is crucial to put in the effort to make sure your home is in a nearly perfect state. 

With home and its basement comes many other problems such as water damage, leaks, and much more. And if it is left untreated, it can lead to serious health problems and damage. 

So waterproofing the basement is the best option, and here is everything you need to know about interior basement waterproofing and exterior basement waterproofing

What is interior basement waterproofing?

Interior basement waterproofing is a drain tile or weeping tile system and more than just a dewatering system. It is placed along the foundation footing at the lowest point of the structure inside the basement. 

Basically, it’s a technique for controlling water that’s already gotten inside the foundation. 

In simple words, it is the process of making the interior of the home free from water seepage, and in case you find a wet leaky basement, contact the wet basement repair services at the earliest.  

What is exterior basement waterproofing?

Exterior basement waterproofing is more expensive as compared to interior basement waterproofing. It requires more material and more work. Basically, it’s a technique for managing water at ground level before it reaches the basement. 

In simple words, it is the process of sealing the exterior of the home by a sump pump installation in order to prevent water seepage inside the house. 

Choosing between Internal vs. External basement waterproofing for a dry basement

Choosing between internal and external basement waterproofing can be challenging, so here is what you need to know before making an informed decision about the foundation repair services for your residence:

Benefits of Internal basement waterproofing

  • Interior basement waterproofing causes more minor disturbances to the exterior of the house. 
  • It reduces wall seepage and halts the floor without completely removing finished walls. Therefore, it is more economical.
  • The water is easily directed outside through a discharge pump when the hydraulic pressure is relieved. 
  • The best thing about interior basement waterproofing is that the process can be carried out irrespective of any weather condition. 


Benefits of external basement waterproofing 

  • The basement interior is likely to get less interrupted. 
  • The homeowner has nothing much to do with the preparation unless there is any requirement for landscaping components to be relocated. 
  • The best thing about external basement waterproofing is that it keeps your house impervious to water by applying an exterior sealant. 


Keep water away from your foundation!

No doubt, there are various ways of preventing home damages and seepage, so before you make any decision make sure you know what basement waterproofing solutions you need. 

In case, you need expert guidance, you can seek help from the professionals of basement waterproofing services in Ontario and get the issue solved. 


Why should you hire Wet Basement Resolution? 

Be it internal waterproofing or an external one, hiring professional basement waterproofing Ontario service providers like Wet Basement Resolution can always be a great option. 

They have more than 25 years of experience in the same field and have been providing consistent industry-standard foundation repair services. With a team of highly skilled experts, you can expect the quality never to get compromised. 

Furthermore, they are WSIB certified and offer free consultation to the residents of Ontario as well. Besides that, Wet Basement Resolution offers a 25 years warranty post service as well.


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