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Roots in Your Sewer Drains Can Add to Basement Waterproofing Cost


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Although trees add beauty to the area around your house, they can be a big pain for the drains. The extensive roots of trees can actually cause extensive damage to the drains. The main reason for tree roots to grow in sewer pipes and drains is the fact that they contain moisture, nutrients, oxygen and all other essential elements that trees need to grow.

One thing that you need to know is that these tree roots can actually cause backups and blockages in the drains and add significantly to your basement waterproofing cost because they are the most expensive drain maintenance problems. Once they reach inside the drain pipe, the roots will continue to grow throughout to reach the moisture and nutrients inside. If they aren’t disturbed, they will eventually fill out the entire drain with hair like masses which will then act as a net to catch all the household debris, grit, oils, grease, tissue papers and other things which flow through the drains thus blocking it.

Slow flowing drains are a major sign that the pipes are having a problem with tree roots. If you pay attention you will notice gurgling sounds coming from toilet bowls or other drains being partially blocked. A complete blockage will then occur if you don’t take timely steps to remove the roots from the sewer pipes and it will thus cost you a lot more than basic basement waterproofing. Also when the roots keep on growing inside the drains they exert pressure on the joints and can even cause the drain pipes to burst which can ultimately add up to the cost of repairs and maintenance. In case there is a total collapse of the pipe, you will have to bear structural damage costs as well because it might require you to dig up the area around the house.

If you find tree roots in your sewer pipes know that they will cause eventual blockage: you need to get it resolved immediately before there is a major issue.

For this you can contact sewer cleaning service providers or you can do it yourself as well. There are augers, root saws and also high pressure flushers available in the market that you can make use of yourself and clear the drain pipes of the blockage.

Remember any structural fault can actually cause the roots to grow into your drain pipes. If after repeated cleaning you find your sewers and drains filled with roots, you should contact professional plumbing or drain cleaning service providers to do the cleaning for you once and for all. The cost is mostly affordable and will also save you the more expensive repairs that you might have to look into in case there is a total collapse of the drains or perhaps the drains start leaking water in your basement and cause structural damage or damage to the foundation of your homes.

Taking precautions beforehand is always better than the cure, as we’ve been taught.


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