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Top 5 Causes Of A Wet Basement


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The problem of a wet basement is becoming an increasingly common issue for a number of homeowners. A wet basement might force you to get a lot of repair works done round the year and it might also lessen the value of the property on the whole. The reasons for the problem could be many and they might cause mold, mildew or perhaps other biological growth in the basement that might pose issues for health and hygiene of everybody living in that particular house.
Also depending on the severity of the issue, a wet basement might also lead to the foundation’s rotting, structural damage to the house, paint failure and also a lot of issues.

A wet basement is a major issue affecting almost 60% of homes in the USA. It is important that you recognize the issue as soon as possible as get help with it without delays.

Here are top 5 causes for a wet basement that you might need to look out for.

  1. Condensation

This can be one of the top causes of dampness in your basement. If it rains, make sure you check for signs of water in the basement. If there is no visible water present then the problem has to be condensation. This occurs when warm air from the surroundings comes in contact with the cool walls in your basement. This forms small drops of water and thus causes moisture in the basement. Condensation in the basement can occur due to a number of reasons. Watch out for showers, clotheslines or even dryers you have in your basement. You need an exhaust fan to ensure free flowing air so that moisture buildup is prevented. A dehumidifier also works well for a wet basement.

  1. Leaks

Leaks are another major reason for a wet basement. A leaking roof will be the main cause of moisture being accumulated in the basement. A leaking pipe, drain, shower or even a bathtub can contribute to moisture leaking and seeping into your basement. Always ensure your pipes and drains are in proper working order to avoid water leaking into your basement and damaging the house’s foundations.

  1. Blocked Gutters

Also blockage in the downspouts or the gutters might cause water to flow down towards the basement. Make sure the gutters always have an extra extension to drain rain water properly from the foundations.

  1. Rain Runoff

If you have inadequate diversion for rain water or melted snow then the problem is bound to enter your basement. Seepage and rain runoff are one of the biggest issues of moisture accumulating in the basement. You need complete basement waterproofing to help you safeguard your basement against rain water.

  1. Ground Water

If you basement remains wet irrespective of weather conditions then chances are you have a high level of ground water under your house that is causing this problem. You can get help with this through professional drying solutions e.g. getting a sump pump or perimeter drains installed.


Not only home, but the state of home is also essential. Keeping the financial investments aside, it is crucial to put in the effort to make sure your home is in a nearly perfect state. 


A wet leaky basement is a severe issue, and if left untreated, it leads to many issues. Small leaks often get bigger and cause health risks and structural damages.  However, if you are thinking of


The basement is the part of our house below our feet, so there is no chance of sunlight reaching that area. And, if there is any water accumulation there, you might have to worry about