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Ways To Waterproof Your Basement


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There are two main ways to waterproof your basement – on the exterior or from the interior. Investing in waterproofing services is one of the best ways to protect the biggest investment you have likely ever made – your home.

Waterproofing can be compared to putting a dry, warm coat over your house to protect it from the often extreme Canadian weather. When you contact Wet Basement Resolutions, we offer only the best waterproofing methods and offer you a satisfaction guarantee on the work we do. There is no reason to settle for low-quality, cheap materials when you can call our waterproofing technicians and get the best service and materials available.

If your foundation leaks, it can result in all types of damage to your basement walls – this is true regardless of if you live in a newer or older home. If your basement is currently leaking, you need to contact Wet Basement Resolutions for our waterproofing services right away.

Why is Your Basement Leaking?

When your basement is excavated, the soil that is used to fill in around the new foundation is going to be much looser than the soil around the ground that remained undisturbed. The issue with this is that the looser earth will collect water faster than the undisturbed areas of soil.

Once the foundation walls have been poured and the ground has been backfilled, the soil surrounding the new foundation will collect the water and hold the moisture against the foundation walls.

As the water accumulates, it can begin moving into the walls as they begin to deteriorate and age.

What Can You Do to Prevent Basement Leaks?

The only fool-proof way to eliminate basement leakage is to install protective layers on the walls, sump pumps and other materials so that the accumulation of the water is able to be redirected away from your home’s foundation. This will allow the soil surrounding the area to eventually dry and settle.

There is no question that a leaking foundation may seem quite daunting to fix, but with the right waterproofing method, offered by Wet Basement Resolutions, your basement will remain dry from now on.

Why it is So Important to Stop Leaks

When moisture is present, it can cause all sorts of damage to block structures, bricks, timber and concrete. As a result, the longer this issue goes on without repair, the more damage it is going to cost and the harder it will be to repair.

Keeping your basement dry is much more important than you may think. If it remains wet, mold and mildew may begin to develop and the spores can travel throughout your home, resulting in all types of health issues. While a single, small leak may seem to be harmless, the fact is, without proper protection offered by our waterproofing services, this leak can be quite detrimental to your health and the stability of your entire home.

If you are in need of any type of waterproofing services, be sure to contact us at Wet Basement Resolutions today. We can evaluate the problem and ensure it is repaired before more serious issues arise.


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