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When Should You Consider Basement Waterproofing?


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Basement waterproofing is a way to prevent water, damp, and mold from entering your property. There are a wide variety of methods available to do this. Many involve the use of special materials that add layers of protection to the exterior and interior of your foundations and walls, while others can include the use of sealants, drainage systems, sump pumps, and air circulation.
Although there are plenty of basement waterproofing solutions available, both DIY and professional, many people fail to treat a damp problem in the early stages, and therefore have more mess to deal with later on. Perhaps this is an attempt to save time and money, or perhaps smaller issues are too easily overlooked, but it is never really a good idea to leave a basement with a damp problem.

So, when really is the best time for basement waterproofing?

Better Sooner When Protecting Against Water…

Without sounding pushy, it really is the sooner the better when it comes to basement waterproofing. If you notice a small patch of damp, or a leak of water through a crack in the wall, or any of the other signs of a problem, then you should seek a solution as soon as possible.

Sure, you could wait until the problem develops into something more serious, but this will cost more money, and require a more serious solution. Left untreated, damp can lead to harmful mold and mildew problems that can cause serious health risks. Further still, water damage can impact the foundations and structural integrity of your problem.

If you see even the smallest sign that damp is penetrating your property, then it might be time to consider calling in the professionals.

Tackle The Problem While It’s Small

If you have some decent DIY knowledge, experience, and the right equipment, then it may be possible to tackle a small damp problem yourself, but in most cases it is better to contact professionals. They can analyze the problem, and know how to apply a solution that solves the cause, and matches the severity of the situation.

You may think that it is a waste of time and money to call out professionals for a small patch of damp, but this is really not the case. They will use a scalable solution, and the waterproofing job will cost you much less now than it would do if it were left to rot.

If you already have a serious basement problem, such as large cracks in the walls or floors, damage to your foundations, or visible mold, then it is essential that you call for help now.

Keep Your Eye On Your Basement

One of the best ways to make sure that you catch a basement problem sooner rather than later, is to keep your eye out for early signs. If your basement is converted into a bedroom, then these signs will be obvious to you, and you will not want to tolerate them anyway.

If your basement is little more than a crawl space, then you may still want to examine the space regularly to look for damp, mold, and cracks. You may not have to live in your crawl space, but damp and mold can still cause long term damage to you and your home.

Check for darker patches on the walls and ceilings. They are tell tale signs that water has seared into your cement. Dripping water, or standing puddles in your basement are an obvious sign of a leak, and mold growth is another. Cracks, slopes, and other questionable structural features can be signs of greater damage.

If In Doubt About the Waterproofing…

If your basement shows no sign of leaks, damp, or mold, then it may be the case that your home already has adequate basement waterproofing, and you need not take any further action. Just keep an eye on your basement, and spot any early signs if they arise.

If you do see signs that your basement needs waterproofing, then you should seek a solution. Basement waterproofing can never do any harm to your home, and only serves to offer long term protection to your basement, and to the structural integrity of your foundations.

If you have any doubt about whether your basement needs waterproofing, then why not get an expert opinion? At Wet Basement Resolutions, Ontario, we offer a free consultation that allows us to assess your basement for water damage and mold. We can then offer you a no obligation quotation for any work that is required, from the smallest of cleanups, to a full basement waterproofing system.

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