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Why Bowing or Buckling Walls Should be Taken Seriously


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If recently you’re starting to notice that your walls are bowing or buckling, you should immediately have some experts head over to your place to get them inspected.

Bowing walls are mostly common in older structures, especially those that were built before 1914. Homes that have been extended to extra floors also commonly face bowed walls. So why should bowed walls concern you? Because chances are, there’s some damage in the foundation of your home and it has been going on long enough to make your walls bow.

Causes of bowing walls are mainly related to anything that makes the soil expand that presses against the walls and causes cracks and bulges to occur.

Soil can expand due to water accumulation, water pressure, frost heaves, etc. Other causes include pressure on walls from upwards such as the foundations that are extended to accommodate more floors, prolonged exposure of walls to blasting or vibrations, etc. Over time, foundations that undergo one or more of these causes, the walls become noticeably damaged, i.e. having bulge, buckling or bowing, or getting cracks. These occurrences indicate that there is serious damage to your foundation which in turn puts the entire structure at risk.

Safety is a major concern with bowed or buckled walls. To make your home safely livable, the foundation and the structure both need to be completely intact. Getting the walls inspected by professionals and then considering the repair options as soon as possible is the most practical solution if you notice bowed walls.

The damage is already increased significantly and waiting longer or overlooking the problem can further damage your home. In extreme cases, walls even have to be entirely removed and rebuilt because damaged foundations can make the structure unsafe to live in. However, if you get the help of professionals as soon as you notice something, such as a slight bulge or cracks, you can minimize the cost and extent of repairs as it may be repaired without needing a reconstruction of walls.

What your options are regarding bowing or buckling walls can only be determined by basement repair professionals. They can inspect the damage as well as the risk to the structure and then help you target the problem causing your walls to bow and effectively repair the causing issue and your walls or foundation.

For safety concerns, minimizing expenses, preventing further damage, and many other reasons, bowing walls need to be taken seriously.

Furthermore, if your home structure is one built a long time ago or if you have extended a floor or two to your home, get your walls inspected even if you notice only slight cracks or even just as a precautionary method. You may just save a lot of money by taking care of your foundation beforehand.


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