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Step-By-Step Guide to Basement Waterproofing


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A wet leaky basement is a severe issue, and if left untreated, it leads to many issues. Small leaks often get bigger and cause health risks and structural damages. 

However, if you are thinking of waterproofing a basement on your own, know it can end up causing extensive damage. So here is a step-by-step guide to basement waterproofing Ontario in more detail. 

Step 1: Dig around 

The very first step involves digging all the outer perimeter of the basement from down to the base of the foundation. 

And the key to having a successful waterproofed basement is to have the right product applied over the walls. Also, heavy equipment must be used to remove soil and other debris with effective wet basement solutions.

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Step 2: Wall cleaning and examination

Once the exterior foundation is exposed, the next step is to clean the walls with mold removal solutions and check for cracks. 

The area is washed deeply to remove soil or any loose concrete. And in case of cracks, simply apply a coat of hydraulic cement to reduce leakage. It can take around a couple of hours for a smooth finish. 

Step 3: Apply a membrane

Now install a waterproofing membrane to provide waterproof protection to foundation walls and other construction materials. 

You can also use elastomeric membranes as they have excellent waterproofing characteristics. Furthermore, make sure not to use a damp-proofer product; instead, use a waterproofing product for best exterior basement waterproofing

Step 4: Install drainage mat

Now, place a drainage mat with molded dimples on the floor. To allow moisture to go to the drain structure, the material utilized must produce air gaps between the wall and itself. 

However, make sure to cut the drainage mat according to the foundation’s exact depth. You can also add a second layer of Aqua-Bloc liquid membrane as it shields the foundation even more and also helps in reducing lateral pressure on the foundation. 

Step 5: Installation of drain tile

To alleviate excessive pressure on the foundation walls, you can install a weeping tile system to drain off water. 

The system is built up of multiple layers that drain away from the house and filtration fabric to keep the system clean. 

Step 6: The final layers

Finally, it covers the weeping tile using 16 inches of gravel, and then the entire excavation area is backfilled with soil. 

Furthermore, gravel should be 4″ from grade and 18″ from grade for earth areas, where the cement will be poured. However, make sure not to use tar, plastic to waterproof your basement walls, or limestone to backfill.

Live in a safe and healthy space!

Therefore, if done with the help of professionals and experts, basement waterproofing in Ontario can be a safe, healthy, and dry living space for you for years to come. 

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The basement is the part of our house below our feet, so there is no chance of sunlight reaching that area. And, if there is any water accumulation there, you might have to worry about


Water damage refers to the impinging of water in your property which causes severe damage to goods incurring huge losses. It brings destruction to one’s property. Water seepage can damage your house and basement areas