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Top 5 Signs that You Need Wet Basement Repair in Barrie


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There is almost nothing that will pose such a big threat to your home and its value as much as a leaky basement can. However, at the same time it can be tricky for a homeowner to determine when the basement needs repair. This is because water can appear and disappear on it’s on leaving very little evidence of its intention to flood your house one day. It is better to take preventative measures by waterproofing your basement instead of waiting for the real damages to happen.

Here are five signs to watch for in order to know when you need wet basement repair in Barrie:

Dampness in basement

If the floor or walls of your basement often get wet but the entire basement is relatively dry then it might be time to take some kind of action. However small it may be, any amount of water especially on the floor is an indication that your foundation might be in jeopardy. During a storm, this could cause a major leak while the presence of moisture is usually an invitation for the growth of bacteria and mould.

Stained walls

Regardless of whether your basement looks wet, stains can indicate presence of water.

If the stains are consistent, then it might be time to seek help from waterproofing professional to offer wet basement repair. They will identify the cause of the leaks and provide the right solutions.

Nasty Feel or Smell

Most of the time when your basement does not show any signs of wetness at all but has a musty smell or a different soft and slippery like feel, it usually indicates presence of mould. Moulds thrive mostly in such conditions where environments are inhospitable with little air and sunlight. Presence of mould growing in your basement is a health hazard that can trigger serious symptoms. Moulds also triggers allergic reactions such as sneezing, watery eyes, and asthma thus they needs to be properly taken care of by looking for wet basement repair in Barrie to do away with moisture or damp in basement.

Elevated levels of humidity

This is the most covert form of water and is mostly invisible to the naked eye. However, you can still tell its presence by a lingering heavy and damp air in your basement. It is an indication that water is getting in your basement but evaporates. This is also a perfect habitat for the growth of mould.


This is the term referring to crystallized substances or salts that have been left behind when water evaporates. Efflorescence normally appears as white substance on basement floors and walls. As water seepage occurs it picks up a lot of substances along the way hence the powdery and crusty look.


When the choice boils down between spending a lot of money on endless repairs or waterproofing your home and ensuring good health for your family, the decision becomes pretty obvious. Wet Basement Resolutions offers effective wet basement repair in Barrie to remedy the problem of damp, moulds, or mildew. By taking precautionary steps to deal with the above-mentioned signs, it ensures your investment retains its value and you enhance safety on your own home.


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